Eat my birthday cake

Milena Milyaeva

Remember “Unconventional Breakfast”? Of course, you do… or at least I hope so; I’m not that pretentious, though! That shoot unfolded in the homey Italian kitchen of my friend Alessandro, who is also my hairstylist. Fast forward a bit, and I find myself capturing another magnetic moment in a similarly authentic kitchen, but in a new home—again, thanks to my ever-moving hairstylist. Cue “Eat My Birthday Cake,” featuring the stunning playmate, Milena Milyaeva. While the essential elements remain—a strawberry whipped cream cake (not the same one; that would be moldy!) and a woman draped just enough to intrigue—Milena adds an extra layer of sensual energy, making this shoot more erotically charged. Don’t mistake this for a qualitative comparison; it’s merely a different flavor of the same recipe. This isn’t a repeat; it’s a reprise, each shoot with its own distinct allure.

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There’s more to see

One of my favorite cakes is the strawberry whipped cream. It’s a confection as scrumptious as it is photogenic, perfectly complementing Milena’s captivating presence. Now, you may notice Milena’s piercings in one specific frame. While piercings aren’t generally my thing, that photo had something special that compelled me to include it, piercings and all. Besides, I have a strong aversion to altering the original essence of a shot through Photoshop, so what you see is authentically what was captured.

Polaroid is a world unto itself. My very first camera was a Polaroid Land; it’s now broken, but it remains a cherished childhood memory. I’ve since replaced it with an I-type camera to replicate the same aesthetic—almost the same, anyway! The colors are mesmerizing, and it’s incredibly fun to work with. For this photo shoot, I used two film packs, equating to 16 frames, and decided to showcase 12 of those shots.

I took a different approach with Milena when directing her during the shoot. Instead of being strict with instructions, I provided her with a few basic directions and allowed her to move more freely. She brought her playful, fierce energy to the shoot with her natural confidence and cheeky attitude.

Some of the photographs showcased in this article are available as limited edition prints.

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