Step into Marco Tenaglia’s world of portrait and fashion photography, where every frame tells a story. Tenaglia’s photographs often depict women as strong and confident individuals. He captures their strength, attitude, and assertiveness, whether in elegant or raw settings, using dynamic and unconventional poses to create visually striking compositions.

This bold approach to posing adds an element of intrigue and excitement, conveying a sense of narrative and mystery that engages viewers to interpret the scenes and characters in his photographs.

Uncover opportunities to engage with Marco Tenaglia’s distinct vision. Build your collection of limited-edition prints. For commercial projects, both fashion labels and other brands will find a unique aesthetic alignment that sets their campaigns apart. Private clients can count on a photoshoot experience that captures their essence without unnecessary artifice.

And for those intrigued by photography as a lifestyle business, the blog offers firsthand experiences, tips, and insights.

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