Woman peers through a car window with a shocked and angry expression, her hand pressed against the glass.

Shattered Privacy

I had already worked with Paulina a few years ago, and I liked the idea of connecting the two photo shoots, even though they are very different. This time, I shared a short story for Paulina to interpret…

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"Homecoming Desire" suggests a moment charged with passion and intimate discovery, where every shot brims with raw, unfiltered emotion.

Homecoming desire

“As the door creaks open, the day’s weariness fades away. She steps inside, drawn by an air of anticipation. Her lover waits, ready with a carefully crafted surprise. Their connection is electric, …

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Bianca Porcelli

Starwhite – Bianca

Harsh lighting, contrast, strong styling — everything works together to emphasize the woman’s strong and powerful character, highlighting her resilience, confidence, and undeniable presence …

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Out in the night

Photography is a matter of lights and shadows, and the night emphasizes it. Together with unexpected elements like the abandoned chassis of a stroller, or the gas meters and pipes …

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Claudia Smith photographed by Marco Tenaglia

Empowered Essence

Sometimes there is a thin line between a fashion shoot and a portrait session. “Empowered Essence” encapsulates the idea of a woman who exudes confidence, resilience, and self-assurance …

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Fashion editorial for a luxury magazine


Ouverture, the title of this editorial, was meant to mark the beginning of the new phase of that luxury magazine. It was a beautiful challenge to revitalize the publication, seeking to …

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