Don’t Close The Open Door

Paulina Pastuszczak

In the heart of an untouched classic villa, adorned with time’s embrace and subtle elegance, I stumbled upon the perfect canvas for this series of photographs, imbued with elegant sensuality and unveiling an erotically charged sophistication.

The entry door, with its mystique, and the balcony’s baluster, peering into the garden, whispered a vision far removed from the raw intensity of my usual work, it beckoned me towards something softer, more nuanced, yet equally powerful.

Enter Paulina Pastuszczak, a natural beauty and playmate, barely clothed in minimalism, whose grace and strength captured the exact sentiment I envisioned. Though time was a scarce commodity that day, I was drawn to the seductive call of this opportunity, focusing my lens solely on the parts that spoke to me: the door, the balcony, and the window at the upper floor.

This was a chance to dance with subtlety, to flirt with the classical, and to undress the mind through the imagery of the feminine form. The door was open, and I chose not to close it.

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Thank you to Paulina Pastuszczak (model), Concetta Mosca (makeup), Alessandro Vicini (hair), and Francesca Caruso for her kind hospitality at Villa Giuseppe Bernabei (location)

Some of the photographs showcased in this article are available as limited edition prints.

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