Erotic Sessions

Uncover the thrill of erotic photography with Marco Tenaglia. Crafted with precision and in tune with your wishes, these sessions bring your fantasies to life and immortalize them. You decide the intensity, from subtle hints of sensuality to fully explicit captures. With Marco’s guidance, passion becomes a stunning visual narrative.

Choose your backdrop, whether it’s the luxury of your home, the indulgence of a hotel suite, or a location that ignites your passion. With Marco’s expertise, every moment and glance become an indelible mark of allure. Each image isn’t merely a captured moment; it’s a crafted work of art. Drawing from the dedication evident in Marco’s signature limited edition prints, your photographs are signed and stamped, underscoring authenticity and unmatched craftsmanship.

Experience Marco Tenaglia's erotic sessions, crafted to bring fantasies to life. Book your personalized session now.

Confidentiality is paramount. Your moments, immortalized in photographs, remain exclusively yours, shielded from any external gaze.

Though Rome is where Marco resides, his expertise knows no geographical limits. Be it in Europe or another part of the world, he’s poised to capture the essence of your moments. To turn passion into enduring visuals, reach out to Marco Tenaglia at

Please note: The photographs on this page are sample works. Your sessions remain confidential, ensuring your intimate captures stay private.

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