Marco Tenaglia has carved a distinct niche in contemporary photography with his fearless portraiture and unique artistic vision. His work is a remarkable fusion of classicism and modernity, and it’s within this union that the true essence of his subjects comes to life.

Tenaglia’s women may not conform to typical standards of classical beauty; however, they exude a powerful presence and sensuality in front of the camera, often captured in similar poses and luxurious or decadent settings, contributing to the aesthetic of his work. Despite their lack of adherence to conventional standards of beauty, Tenaglia’s women possess a certain magnetism and allure that captures the viewer’s attention. They embody a cool and confident persona—an almost unattainable ideal of sensuality. In essence, Tenaglia’s images offer a unique perspective on the notion of beauty and femininity, showcasing a strong and independent woman whose allure lies not just in her physical appearance but in her inner radiance.

Tenaglia’s skillful balance between fashion, beauty, glamour, and eroticism, along with his elegant black-and-white imagery, contributes to an artistry that resonates with both contemporary and classic sensibilities.

Tenaglia’s vision of beauty, as a sublime balance of flawless imperfections, is not only a testament to his artistic voice but also a celebration of an ageless and openly unapologetic interpretation of sensuality and femininity.

Marco Tenaglia
Photo by Maria Claudia Tenaglia
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