Eat my birthday cake

One of my favorite cakes is strawberry with whipped cream. It is both tasty and photogenic! This is the only photo with Milena’s nipples uncovered. I don’t like piercings. I could have used Photoshop to remove them but I hate retouching my photographs.

Polaroid is a world apart. My very first camera was a Polaroid Land, which is now broken, but it remains a childhood memory. I replaced it with an I-type camera to replicate the same look. Almost the same! I love the colors and it is fun to play with. For this photo shoot, I used two film packs and decided to showcase all sixteen shots.

I took a different approach with Milena when directing her during the shoot. Instead of being strict with instructions, I provided her with a few basic directions and allowed her to move more freely. She brought her playful, fierce energy to the shoot with her natural confidence and cheeky attitude.

Champagne coupes are a unique and elegant glassware that is specifically designed to hold champagne. The shape and design of these glasses allow for the bubbles in the champagne to rise slowly to the surface, creating a truly dynamic drinking experience. However, it is worth noting that the use of champagne coupes is not limited to champagne alone.

In this particular instance, the champagne coupes are being used to hold something other than champagne. This showcases the versatility of these glasses and how they can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or a casual get-together with friends, champagne coupes can add an element of sophistication to any occasion. So, feel free to experiment with different fillings and make the most of these exquisite glasses.

Sorry, I’m hopeless!

I wanted to conclude this series of photographs with a sparkling candle between her legs. The first photo was meant to be just a test of the lighting. Actually, there were no balloons on the floor yet, and Milena was not holding any candles. However, it turned out to be so beautiful that I couldn’t take it off.

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