Don’t Close The Open Door

I’ve found this very beautiful location, a classic villa with old elegant decorations. I particularly liked the entry door and the balcony with its baluster facing the garden, and that gave me the cue to take this series of photographs.

I wanted something less aggressive, different from my usual, more classic and more nude.

Paulina Pastuszczak, a natural beauty playmate, was perfect with a very essential style. The time was short, but I didn’t want to waste that chance, and I planned to take a few photographs, focusing only on the elements I liked the most, the entry door, and the balcony with the window at the upper floor.

I grabbed my film camera, an old Nikon F90X I used when I was a photography student almost three decades ago, and I loaded a couple of Ilford FP4 rolls. I love this shot.

I find that windows, doors, glasses, give a sort of mysterious, or I should say voyeuristic, appeal to the photographs.

Thank you to Paulina Pastuszczak (model), Concetta Mosca (makeup), Alessandro Vicini (hair), and Francesca Caruso for her kind hospitality at Villa Giuseppe Bernabei (location)

These photographs are available for sale as limited edition prints.

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