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This is one of the shoots that I remember with great pleasure. I was contacted by the art director of this magazine, Luxury Files, who wanted to revitalize the publication, seeking to redefine its format, content, and overall quality. It was a beautiful challenge. I was determined to create a photo shoot that captured the essence of luxury and marked the beginning of the new phase. Hence the title Ouverture. Throughout the editorial process, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the magazine’s team to carry forward a more sophisticated vision. Through my work and collaboration with my fashion stylist, we managed to share ideas and suggestions to deliver nothing short of excellence and meet the expectations of the magazine’s readers.

Fashion editor: Maurizio Andreuccetti
Styling: Alessandra Casella
Models: Alane Souza and Christian Capri
Make-Up: Simona Fabi
Hair: Alessandro Vicini
Photographer Assistant: Gianluca Barbucci
Fashion Editor Assistant: Martina D’Ortenzi
Location: Hotel d’Inghilterra, Rome
Thanks to Chopard boutique, Rome

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