High Quality: More Than What You See

One of my photographs printed on Ilford baryta paper. It's a genuine gelatin silver print. A high quality standard.

Almost three decades ago, my then-girlfriend’s father often repeated the saying, “what little you pay is worth little.” He produced furnishing accessories, and I remember the quality of his products was decidedly high, with prices to match. However, the beauty of owning those products was priceless, and their durability made them an excellent investment. I have adopted that saying and the magic behind it as my own.

Fast forward to today. In my experience as a photographer and lover of high quality, delivering top-notch work is the backbone of my creative process. I don’t aim to meet people’s expectations; I strive to exceed them, pure and simple. Quality matters to me, whether it’s in a product, a service, or any other aspect of life. I always ask myself, ‘Would I buy what I’m selling?’ If the answer is no, it doesn’t make the cut. It’s about respect—respect for myself, my art, my clients, and collectors.

Consider my limited-edition prints. The choice of lab, the quality of the paper, the printing process – every decision is made with one thing in mind: high quality. There are no half measures here. This approach is a direct reflection of who I am. When someone chooses quality, they’re making a statement. They’re investing in a skill, an experience, a connection that becomes part of who they are and their standards.

When I was starting out, I was eager—perhaps too eager. I took on just about any gig, often without considering the price. I witnessed the price wars—the mad scramble to secure any client, even if it meant slashing prices. But here’s the thing: playing the cheap game isn’t the way to win. It felt off, not my scene. When you cut prices, quality often takes a hit. Offering low quality for low prices attracts clients who pick you solely for the cheap tag; it’s a vicious circle. This realization dawned on me—it wasn’t merely about the numbers. It’s about delivering unparalleled value. Pairing exceptional services with the right pricing is the gold standard. It’s not just about growth, but more importantly, about staying true to my essence and vision.

The magic of high-quality work lies in the authentic experiences it can foster. It’s about crafting products and services that radiate joy, pride, and excellence. The ultimate goal is the shared experience: my joy in creation and the client and collector’s joy in ownership. That’s the true reward, and that’s where the magic truly resides.

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