Marco Tenaglia’s photographs, with their captivating and provocative look, have the great merit of capturing, even in the staging, the magic of a situation which is suspended between disturbance and enchantment, pomp and decadence, feral impulsiveness and mockery of desire.
Women, seen through his lens, are always touched by an ambivalent attraction that tears the observer’s eye into a contradictory motion of fascination and fear, desire for closeness and a will to escape.
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Photography auction

Bid and Win
Two of my limited edition photographs are currently up for auction. Discover which ones they are.
Discover which Marco Tenaglia photographs are now up for auction

Eat my birthday cake

The gorgeous Milena Milyaeva in an alluring series of photographs.
Milena Milyaeva and her birthday cake

Artspace and Artsper

I'm excited to announce that some of my works are now showcased on, and can be purchased from, Artspace and Artsper

Don't close the open door

I find that windows, doors, glasses, give a sort of mysterious, or I should say voyeuristic, appeal to the photographs.

Model: Paulina Pastuszczak

I'm not broken

True story | Photoshoot
We headed to Tuscany, in a villa that is a travel back in time, where we took our new photos. This series is called I’m Not Broken. Its title is not by chance, there’s a meaning, a true story hidden behind it. A story Sarah kept inside for too long, too difficult to pull out. Up till now...
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