Don’t Close The Open Door

Featuring Paulina Pastuszczak

Rome, Italy, summer 2021

I’ve found a very beautiful location, a classic villa with old elegant decorations. I particularly liked the entry door and the balcony with its baluster facing the garden.

I spent some days planning the photoshoot, and it had to be very aggressive about the styling, the look of the model, and the poses, and yes I always say that I like to plan everything in detail… yes! That’s why the night before I completely changed and opted for a classic style, different from my usual.

Paulina – the model – was perfect with a very essential styling, and I set up the whole shoot on her beauty.

For the occasion I’ve reintroduced the film, together with digital, for a couple of photographs.

It was a sunny day, very hot, too hot to work outside in the garden. We tried, close to the fountain, under the direct light of the sun, but in just a few minutes the face of the model went glossy and she barely kept her eyes open. I’m not a sadist, and I don’t like torturing people. So we went back inside, or at most on the balcony.

Most of these photographs are available for sale as limited edition prints.

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